Mobile Filing Shelving

Mobile Filing Shelving

Filing cabinet compactors for office help increase retrieval times, improving productivity and work flow. By having a relatively maintenance free system, you can increase your storage space by up to as much as 95%. The bases can accommodate a number of shelving / storage systems and come in a range of sizes to accommodate light, medium or high density storage requirements. Details for Mobile Shelf Mobile Filing Shelving.



System  Advantages : 

1. Completely new, Environment-friendly products
2. Best quality, Elaborate design, most competitive price, elegant appearance and first-class process.
3. Prompt delivery.
4. Using in school, office and home.
5. Locks, Dimensions and colors are optional.
6. Joint parts and accessories resist wear and compression.
7.Pre-degreasing, degreasing, acid washing, phosphonation , washing by cold water and hot water treatments.
8. Knock-down structure which is easy for transportation and could be assembled within 6-10 minutes.
9. With polyfoam inner lining and multi-layer carton box, firm and safe during transportation.
10. Customer's designs and logos are accepted.




Special features :

1. Style structure: Apart-style with double-column structure,each layer can be adjusted .

2. Handle: steel-made crank handle, the structure is ratchet automatically linked,it can stop at the vertical position after the closure .
3.Transmission system: There's a reliable degree in the center of a straight line, so that the body frame can be balance and brisk when it sliding. Also you can move single-column or multi-column at the same time.
4.Braking devices: Each column have the braking device, ensure personal safety;Each combination of groups have a total lock device.
5.Spraying equipment: The most advanced automated electrostatic spraying line.
6. Versatile high density storage with shelving fully adjustable to suit your needs.
7. Quick and easy access to stored goods.
8. Available in manual and Auto.
9. Efficient and effortless operation.
10. Available in single or tandem units.
11. Low profile tracks avoid any tripping hazards.
12. Each line of shelving moves easily and smoothly on the chain-wheel system, manually storing and withdrawing, widely used in archives, library, bank and company document center, electronic light industry, etc.








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