Mobile Archive Shelving

Mobile Archive Shelving

 Metal Movable Archive Shelves  can be widely used in the libraries, hotel, company, archives and reference rooms wherever need to storage and display books, files and other articles. It can be designed according to the rooms to make full use of space and with the characters of easy-installation, heavy-duty loading, durableness, steadiness and firmness, etc. Both OEM and ODM are available .




1.GLOBAL mobile shelving have bigger storage space , can put more files and books .

2.Avoid chaos , catalogue card make you find the files soon.

3. High quality round rail makes the shelving more strong and durable.

4. Rotating device , easy and labor saving.

5. Two steering wheels at your choice , automatic and manual.

6. Equipped with two kinds of locks , more safe .

7. Customized depending on the size of your room.








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